Along with the acquisition of house, each of us dreams to create inside the house  a familiar and intimate universe, especially comfortable . An intimate space that Read more ...
> Our house furniture is our recommendation!
I make  or mount garden furniture of various shapes and patterns-garden -  sheds, warehouses, wood fencing, paint the wood fencing and maintenance, and metal fences (wrought iron, bamboo etc.), garden sheds, sheds playground, chairs, tables ,floral shelves and floral racks, abstract sculptures, as well as reproductions various models for Read more ...
Hello, I am Gaby, I am 40 yrs old and I like to work hard.
I am ready and have tools for almost any job.
No job is too big or small.I am what you're looking for ! Local handyman.I am discreet,friendly,punctual,honest,strong and hardworking!
I am a discreet, friendly, punctual, honest, strong and hardworking handyman.
I have 20 years of experienc
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> Refurbished and maintain antique furniture!
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Housekeeper and maintenance
> Landscaping garden
I offer professional services for maintenance and repairs to furniture, office buildings, commercial spaces, storage building and hotels.
My main purpose for maintenance is to prevent damage and to repair failing furniture. I specialise in all forms of furniture repairs from the garden to the

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